​Chiropractic ?'s

  1. Why do patients seek chiropractic care?
    A: People seek chiropractic care and have found good results for a magnitude of things such as neck pain, back pain, joint pain, headaches/migraines, allergies, colic, and many more. It is important to understand that the goal of chiropractic isn't to treat the disease or condition but rather to enhance the patient's health through the reduction of nerve irritation.
  2. Are chiropractic adjustments safe?
    A: YES!! Chiropractic adjustments are in fact very safe. Chiropractic care is amongst the lowest malpractice rates in the healthcare industry. Our comprehensive evaluations and specific treatment plans produce optimal results without using invasive procedures or highly addictive drugs.
  3. What is the "popping" sound?
    A: The "popping" noise or cavitation you may hear during a chiropractic adjustment is simply gases being released from the joint as the joint is moved. This cavitation may not be heard during every adjustment. Your doctor will be able to distinguish when the subluxated joint has proper motion after each adjustment whether there is a sound or not.
  4. Is chiropractic treatment appropriate for babies and children?
    A: Absolutely!! The birthing process is not only strenuous for the mother, but for the baby's body as well. Having the baby evaluated and treated by a chiropractor can prove to be beneficial for the baby's health and development. Children are extremely active and experience multiple different injuries from activities of daily living. Chiropractic care is always adapted to the individual patient, and in the case of children and babies, very gentle.